Qualified Plan

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Qualified Plan

If you’re like most plan sponsors, you have many demanding challenges competing for your attention. Healthcare reform, burdensome regulations, and increased global competition conspire to reduce the time you can spend building what is most likely your largest asset, your business.

Today new regulations mandating full fee transparency, a potentially expanding definition of fiduciary duties, and greater enforcement actions by the Department of Labor are ratcheting up the level of fiduciary risks for plan sponsors.

These challenges and regulations, combined with the personal liability that plans sponsors, investment committee members, and trustees face for losses caused by the breach of that duty, are all reasons to work with Equanimity Wealth Management as your retirement plan consultant. We have the systems, processes and experience to help you manage these mounting pressures and put your employees on the path toward addressing a secure retirement.

There are a number of services and tools we provide our plan sponsor clients, including:

  • Comprehensive plan level reviews (performed, at a minimum, annually)
  • Ongoing investment monitoring (performed, at a minimum, quarterly)
  • Centralized, secure, virtual storage for all plan-related forms and documents
  • Plan/participant retirement readiness
  • Plan design review and analysis
  • Assistance with changes in investment options
  • Qualified default investment alternative assistance
  • Investment policy statement (IPS) creation and monitoring
  • 404(c) assistance
  • Participant education
  • Plan search support/vendor analysis
  • Benchmarking services


Would you like to receive a comprehensive review of your plan?

This would include an analysis of your plan design, your participants’ retirement readiness, and review of your fees to determine if they are reasonable and competitive with the market.


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